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Luck you… We’ve got some of our favorite services available this month. Promotions are good for all…. no matter the pronoun. 

SLIM-IT | Our PCDC annual BOGO sale is here!!!
Buy 1 area at 500$ and get another area free!

Dates with available appointments are:

Friday September 8th
Tuesday September 12th
Tuesday September 19th
Friday September 22
Saturday September 23

Learn more about our “SLIM-IT” procedure by clicking here. 


Botox Day Training Day! Monday, September 25th

Come be a model for a super discounted per unit price! $7.50
Must be ok with Photos and Video being taken.

All areas available including:
Masseter Botox
TMJ botox
Jawline botox
Auxilia aka sweaty pit Botox
Trap Botox aka Barbie botox

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