PDO Threads “Instant”
Facelift Secret of the Stars

PDO Threads aka Sugar Threads, Mono Threads

A facelift with no surgery or downtime. Lift and tighten you skin instantly. 

What is it?

Can you restore a youthful tone, texture and fullness to your skin? In a word, yes! We accomplish this by employing treatments that work with your body to stimulate the creation of new collagen, brighten the skin and restore elastin. In this category we can use one or multiple modalities to achieve lovely, natural results. If you’re thinking about our REJUV-IT PDO thread treatments you might ask yourself, “Do I want immediate results or can I be patient while my results improve over time? 

Honestly, you can have both. How nice is that?


  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Double chin
  • Jowls

Rejuvenate, Rebuild and Strengthen your skin with PDO threads.

There’s no hiding poor quality skin! Skin rejuvenation is an integral part of anti-aging treatment. Mono threads, composed of PDO (the same material dissolvable sutures are made of), will help stimulate collagen and elastin in your skin and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. They can also treat volume loss and scars. They can be used in the face, neck, and body to help your skin look younger—ideal for men and women who would like to improve their skin and rejuvenate.


What are Mono Threads? (also known as dermal, sugar, and PDO)

Mono threads are composed of Polydioxanone (PDO). PDO surgical sutures (dissolvable sutures) have been used safely for 40+ years. When placed in the skin, mono threads can improve fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. They can also treat volume loss and scars in both the face and the body. The mono threads stimulate collagen production in the treated areas. The threads eventually dissolve, and only the collagen is left behind. This new collagen reinforces the skin leading to a rejuvenated appearance.

Who is a candidate for PDO Thread treatments?

Anyone that would like to treat fine lines, wrinkles, folds, volume loss, and scars.

What can be expected during a PDO Thread treatment?

The area being treated will first be numbed with numbing cream, numbing injections, or both. Once you are adequately numbed, the mono threads will be placed into the skin in a specific pattern created for your specific needs. During this time, you may feel a slight pinch, tugging, or pressure. Multiple mono threads will be inserted. The PDO procedure will take 45 minutes-1 hour per area. After the treatment, you’ll be given a care plan to help maximize results during the healing process. There may be some initial redness and soreness, but it will dissipate quickly. You can continue with most regular activities after your treatment is complete.

What is the discomfort or pain associated with PDO thread treatments?

Topical or injectable numbing make the procedure itself very tolerable. After the treatment, it is normal to experience mild soreness/tenderness in the treated area(s).

What is the downtime after a PDO Thread procedure?

At Skin Deep, we define downtime as being unable to work or go out in public. Downtime is unique to every patient. Typically mono thread treatment has no downtime. Redness, swelling, and bruising can occur. Redness, swelling, and soreness/tenderness will typically resolve within 24-72 hours. Bruising will typically resolve in 1-2 weeks. Can use Arnica gel or capsules to treat swelling and bruising.

What is the aftercare following PDO Threads?

Refrain from using makeup or other facial products or touching your face for 4-6 hours after treatment. Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated for 2-3 days after treatment. Avoid excess alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise, UV light, and heat (saunas, steam, tanning beds, hot showers, etc.) for 24 hours after treatment. It would be best to avoid facial treatments such as facials and facial massages for a minimum of 2 weeks after treatment. Should also avoid Laser, radiofrequency, and IPL for 4-6 weeks after treatment. Avoid sun exposure as long as bruising is present.

When will I see the results of my PDO treatment?

Results can be observed immediately due to the newly placed threads reinforcing the skin. The threads will begin to stimulate collagen production directly. This collagen production continues for 3-6 months. Results will continue to improve during this time.

How long will the results last?

The results from mono threads will last 12 to 18 months. The results of longevity depend on proper aftercare and on how quickly each person naturally breaks down collagen. Ongoing treatments are necessary to maintain results.

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