MagnYm® Instant Male Enhancement

Don’t talk “big.” Be BIG.

Enhancement for the flaccid penis and for sexual function.

Male sexual health benefits

The MagnYm® procedure represents a fundamental change in how we approach male sexual health. It is a safe and simple procedure with “significant” benefits.

  • Increase the size of your penis in a flaccid state
  • Achieve stronger erections
  • Longer-lasting sexual performance
  • Feel confident naked
  • Safe and Effective!


Men between the ages of 30 – 60 and in good health, 

If you’re interested in increasing the size of your penis in the flaccid state, achieving harder erections and being able to maintain them longer, you could be a good candidate for MagnYm®. Learn more by scheduling a consultation.

Before & After


I’m interested in learning more. How do I get started?

Schedule an in-office consultation to discuss your needs and goals.  

  1. Learn about treatment options
  2. Understand what would best meet your needs
  3. If you’re ready, book your appointment
Anything I should know before my appointment?

Drink water. Avoid alcohol or caffeine before your appointment.

What are the aftercare instructions?
  1. Practice a little self care and take it easy after your appointment. 
  2. Any bruising should resolve within 48-hours
  3. You should not engage in any sexual activity for at least 24-hours. 
  4. Contact us if you have any excessive bleeding or bruising.
Will I need to come in for a follow up appointment?

Yes, you will have a follow up appointment. A follow up appointment will be scheduled no sooner than 1-month after the procedure to review penile function and retraction. At this point you will be able to decide if you are satisfied with the results or you want additional treatment.

How soon will I see results?

Patients will start to see a difference in 3-5 days. The maximum effect will be achieved in 14-28 days.

How long will the results last?

12 – 18 months